'Screaming out loud Ι demand freedom'

Camille Claudel


A fictional dialogue between the sculptress Camille Claudel and the psychiatrist Constance Pascal.

Two women who claimed the right to live free, to defend their beliefs, study and work, at a time when the role of women was confined exclusively to the role of wife and mother.
Camille and Constance never met, but lived and worked in the same city , at the same time. They shared similar experiences, common difficulties as well as the same passion in love.

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Aggelon Vima - Theatrical Stage
Opening: 16 October 2013

Every Wednesday 18:15 and Thursday 20:00


You can get information and purchase tickets 
by calling 210 52 42 211 & 213
or by visiting theater's ticket office at
Satovriandou 36, Omonia
Ticket price:
Wednesday 10€
Thursdays 12€
student/unemployed/disabled 10€